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Working with Children, Teenagers and Parents

"Children are not things to be molded, but are people to be unfolded." - Jess Lair

My view of children...

  • Bundles of joy awaiting their very own, beautiful, bountiful, wondrous unfolding towards their unique, life-giving potential

  • Being delightfully in tune with their wiring/their need to be embedded in safe, loving respectful relationships for this delicate unfolding to occur

  • Being instinctively driven to ensure they receive this love and security, in the best way that they can.  

I see children as...

Play Therapy

Ages 3-8

Narrative Therapy: 

Ages 8 upwards 

Strengthening Parent-Child Relationship

through Play:

Ages 3-8

My view of teenagers...


I see teenagers as experiencing...

  • A time of noticing, working out, exploring and often struggling with their unique unfolding

  • A time of grappling with ideas, beliefs and values 

  • A time of feeling vulnerable as they emerge as their own person

  • A time of temptation to soothe the discomfort of this process and become 'like others' rather than unique in themselves

  • A time of much needed space and nurture, of courage and understanding to step out with solidity in all their uniqueness.



My view of the role of parents...

I see parents as - 

  • Being uniquely positioned to being able to meet their children's needs

  • Having the greatest opportunity to allow their beautiful, unique unfolding to occur.

  • Remarkable facilitators of mental well being, emotional health and resilience

  • Potentially having the hardest and most rewarding job that life can offer

  • The best source of protection of the development of their child's self esteem.

Parenting Consultation

  • Empowering you to facilitate this healthy growth and development in your child

  • To equip you to bring your child to a place of rest where they don't have to call out for their needs through behaviours that might push you away

  • To enable you to enjoy a rewarding, life giving, loving relationship with your child and delight in the beauty of their uniqueness.

My role as a consultant to parents...


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