B.Couns, MNZCCA, MIACN (Cert), ACC Provider.


Anxiety, depression, regulating emotions, addictive behaviour patterns, negotiating relationship dynamics and

Pre-Marriage Counselling.

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Craig has a background in business management and has always enjoyed the challenge of working with people of all ages and from all walks of life. Moving into the field of counselling has afforded him the privilege of bearing witness to stories

that have challenged and controlled the lives of his clients. Craig uses a narrative informed approach to therapy, a method that helps clients map the effects of behaviour or relationship on self and others and welcomes the opportunities to re-author

lives that desire change and growth.

Craig has a particular interest in working with adolescents and mature men in the area of addiction, problematic sexual behaviour and transitions through ages and stages of life.

For more information please contact Craig directly.


Modalities: Person Centred, Narrative, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Interactive Drawing Therapy, Mindfulness, Symbol Work, Sand tray,

Certified Neuropsychotherapy Practitioner

Ph: 021 745 967 



B.Couns, Dip. Couns. MNZCCA, ACC Provider.


Transitions through life for Adolescents and Women, Trauma therapy.

See below for a wide range of areas of work.

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Libby provides a safe therapeutic environment to help people sensitively explore their areas of concern. With experience gained in several contexts, she has the ability to connect with people of all ages and ethnicities.  Libby brings to her work, a wealth of experience in individual therapy and group facilitation, working with adults and those who are 18 and over. Libby specialises in working with trauma, however, she enjoys working with a wide range of personal concerns including anxiety, depression, self esteem, anger, spiritual issues, grief, destructive patterns of behaviour and negative thinking. 

Modalities: Person Centred, Narrative, Cognitive Behavioural Therapies, Interactive Drawing Therapy, PSI Integration and Trauma Therapy, Symbol Work, Small Figures. 

Ph: 021 669 123



CPW Grad Dip Child Centred Play Therapy, 

B.Couns, Dip.Couns, Cert. Psychotherapy and Counselling,

Somatic Experiencing Therapist in training, MNZAC.

Working with children, teenagers and parents.



Children,   Teenagers,   Parenting,

Anxiety, Anger, Behavioural issues, Bullying, Depression, 

Friendship Issues,

Low Self-Esteem, Grief.



Helen has a particular interest in working with children, young people and their families. She believes that individuals often come to therapy presenting with problems that overwhelm their lives, interfere with their relationships and blind them to their skills, strengths and values. Helen is passionate about helping people claim their lives back from the influence of these problems and to live life more fully.

Helen works through play with younger children and uses Narrative therapy and other cognitive approaches for older children and adolescents. She is also passionate about providing parenting consultation and play sessions to help strengthen the parent child relationship and enable a positive cycle of communication.

Helen has a particular interest in working with anger, anxiety, depression, grief, bullying, self-esteem, problematic behaviours and parenting. 

For more information please click on the website link below or contact Helen directly.

Locations of work include Macaulay House, 682 Whangaparaoa Rd, 

Modalities: Person Centred, Narrative, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Play Therapy, Attachment Theory, Neuroscience, Mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, 

Parenting Consultation.


Ph: 021 422 045

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BA, B.Couns, Provisional member of NZAC 



Identity, meaning, life transitions, workplace issues, anxiety,  addiction, depression, avoidance, issues in relationships, grief. 

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Sam works primarily with adults and young adults but also enjoys working alongside teenagers, couples and families. 

His primary focus is on inviting people into a space where they can take time

to openly address the meaning they make of their lives

and the conclusions they draw about themselves and others,

as well as tap into their knowledge, strengths and abilities to assist them in taking action in their lives in ways which are meaningful to them.

He also works to assist people in developing a greater intimacy in their significant relationships and freedom of expression in relationships and areas of creative output. 

Main modalities: Narrative Therapy, Two Person-Centred Therapy, ACT


021 518 839


Masters Professional Practice in progress, PGDip Expressive Therapies, Qualified Spiritual Director and Debriefer.  MNZCCA, ACSD


Spiritual Direction, Companionship, Counselling, Supervision, Grief, 

Spiritual abuse, Midlife women's spirituality, "Coming home to self," Career changes, relationship difficulties

This is an incredibly special relationship to share with another.  It is a one on one, or small group endeavour

where you come and explore your whole world in 

relationship with yourself, others, creation, God, Spirit and the Divine. 


Whether you’re in church, have left a church, have a faith, 

or are questioning your faith, come and receive the unforced rhythms of grace.  

Be heard, be seen and be

supported to be who you are, so you can love being you.  

If there’s grief, spiritual abuse, questions you have, career changes, relationship  difficulties, come! 

I believe I’ve got one of the best jobs in the world and I get to share it with you.  


I offer counselling and supervision of Spiritual Director’s, Pastors 

and Pastoral Care people, including interdenominational 

I work at where you can come for a facilitated

retreat by yourself, or with a group.

Please Note: Susannah works at Coast Counselling on Thursdays only. 

027 286 1264


M.Couns (Hons); B.A; Dip, Tchg, Registered with MNZAC 


Children, Adolescents, Young Adults and Families

Anxiety, depression, trauma, self-harm, relationship difficulties, school challenges, spiritual/faith questions, grief, self-worth, identity, Family Counselling - strengthening relationships 

Michelle enjoys meeting and supporting a diverse range of people – children, teens, young and mature adults, couples, and families.  She has over 25 years of counselling experience that includes school counselling, counselling education and supervision. She desires to create a safe, accepting space where each person can be open and honest about the challenges that are impacting their lives and find a sense of freedom.


Michelle’s particular passion is working with children, adolescents, 

young adults and families. 

Her goal is to encourage young people towards greater mental wellness and live hope-filled and flourishing lives equipped to deal with life’s challenges.  She helps relationships between young people and parents to be connecting and life-giving.


Michelle is informed by narrative, strength-based ideas. This approach helps people and families to discover preferred stories/conclusions about themselves which have often been overlooked by difficulties. She uses creative, playful approaches to connect and support young people. 


Modalities: Narrative, Person -Centred, Creative Methods,

 Interactive Drawing Therapy, Sand tray.


Please Note: Michelle works at Coast Counselling on Thursdays only


For an appointment with Michelle email


B.Couns., B.Education

Provisional Member NZCCA


Children, Adolescents, Young Adults, Parents and Families

Anxiety, Depression, Self-Esteem, Anger,

Grief, Behavioural Issues, Relationships


Tracy provides a safe therapeutic environment which gives clients the space to be calm, reset and re-vision. Through discovery of personal strengths, clients are able to claim their identity and become equipped to deal with the pressures of life. Her counselling strengths are in working with children, teenagers, young adults and families. This follows her passion for teaching and supporting the young to deal with difficult life experiences and to heal from traumatic events.


Modalities:Narrative Therapy, Systemic Therapies, CBT and Strengths-Based Therapies with a particular interest in up-skilling in ACT and EFT. 

Tracy works at Coast Counselling on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

For an appointment with Tracy email